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How to add a new Taxonomy

We are using the Wikibase-Plugin (coming from Wikidata) for storing ontologies. Each entry of a taxonomy/ontology has to be created as an Item, and then linked together via Properties.

Hierarchical Taxonomies

For tree-structured taxonomies (a "root"-item, different levels of branches, and "leaf"-items), follow this work-flow:

Each Taxonomy has to have a "root"-Item, you have to add them first:

Root Item

Say that this item is the "root" item of a new Taxonomy by adding a statement:

  • In the "Statement section, click "add"
  • The statement we need is "instanceOf", type the letter "i" to autocomplete and click on "instanceOf"
  • a new field is appearing right to it, type "t" and choose "Taxonomy"
  • click "save"

We now have stated that this item is the start of a new taxonomy.

Adding Levels of Categories

Supposed, your taxonomy consists of different levels of categories ("branches") and entries ("leaves"). Start with creating the first level of categories:

  • Create a new Item, as you have done it with the "root" item.
  • State this is a "Category" add a statement "instanceOf" is "Taxonomy Category"
  • Link it to your "root" item: Add a new Statement "subclass of", and point to your newly created root item.

We have now a "category" that is has a direct "child" relation to the "root"-item.

Adding more Sub-Levels of Categories

Sub-categories work the same as categories, the only difference is that you choose the "parent" category for the "subclass of"-property.

Adding Taxonomy Entries

Entries should be added again as a "subclass of" into their (sub-) category. To describe what they are, add the property "instance of" and choose what it should be. At the moment we only use "type of initiative", but feel free to create new item classes.